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From formation through dissolution Bellwether Law has companies covered on changes to the business entity.

Strategic Transactions pave the way for major structural changes over this time. Done right, these can be either:  

  • paths to a boon, shake-up and expansion; or

  • the needed buoy and potential pivot during times of  saddled operations

Strategic Transactions.jpg

With mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and divestitures, are variations within these and various additional options such as:        

  • acquiring a subsidiary;

  • acquisitions to be flipped and liquidated;

  • shifting ownership and assets via transfers, spinoffs, split-offs, and/or carveouts;

  • recapitalization or reconfiguring capital structure; 

  • divestment strategies; or

  • combinations of these and others

Whatever transactional path, each leads to significant changes for a company. 

And wherever these lead, the specific targets of Bellwether's advantages are the keys to the process: Preparation, Planning & Analysis.  

From the early stages, ​Bellwether works closely with clients to understand the desired scope, any specific concerns and/or objectives, and any other general issues to address preliminarily.  This clears the path early on for  effectively working through the relevant issues, and more effective evaluative processes. 

Transactional, Restructuring

Price sensitivities act to hinder necessary communications and influence decisions to forego necessary due diligence.

Cost-effective approaches facilitate company-counsel collaboration, and information gathering at times when these are most crucial.


And with these advantages, Bellwether also brings the necessary experience on the key issues and undertakings

  • Broad experience on internal investigations and due diligence, to review critically but effectively material issues, potential options, advantages, solutions

  • Drafting and analysis experience to contain risks and secure interests in clearly / accurately drafted agreements & ancillary documents

  • Experience and availability to tackle the various related legal questions, typically going to: securities laws, antitrust, intellectual property, labor and employment, employee benefits, corporate governance, real estate, environmental, litigation risks.  

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