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Litigation & Disputes




Business & Government-Regulatory Litigation

Business disputes frequently arise with suppliers, customers, lenders, insurers, competitors, and all sorts of unforeseeable entities. These disputes may concern contractual relationships, or involve business torts such as fraud, unlawful interference with contracts or business relationships, unfair competition, deceptive trade practices, antitrust or competition violations, among others. 

In addition, state and federal regulatory agencies may initiate investigations in the ordinary course of business or bring enforcement actions in more extreme situations.  

Knowing how to engage these entities tactfully can be the difference between a smooth audit and years of disruptive interactions with government agencies. 

To these issues, Bellwether brings experience from a broad range of disputes and litigation, handling all aspects from initial case strategy to final disposition, in matters involving: antitrust, False Claims Act, RICO, false advertising, products liability, trade secrets, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, property rights, consumer protection, commercial contracts, among others.


General Motors Ignition Switch Litigation. Counsel for GM in multidistrict litigation and related state court actions arising from ignition switch and other recalls. 

U.S. v. Honeywell International. Counsel for Honeywell in civil False Claims Act case.

In re Chocolate Confectionery Price Fixing Litigation. Counsel for The Hershey Company in multidistrict class action litigation alleging price-fixing.

Sethavanish v. ZonePerfect Nutrition. Counsel for Abbott in false advertising class action.

LightSquared v. Deere & Co., et al. Counsel for LightSquared in action bringing tort and contract claims against GPS manufacturers.

Allen v. Honeywell Retirement Plan, et al.  Counsel to Honeywell in ERISA litigation.

Levie v. Sears and ESL. Counsel for ESL Investments in a securities fraud class action arising out of the merger of Kmart and Sears.

Honeywell International Inc. Counsel for Honeywell in lawsuit alleging misappropriated trade secrets.

FTC v. Wyndham.  Counsel for Wyndham in lawsuit alleging unfair / deceptive trade practices.

This includes counseling clients facing government investigations and matters before regulatory agencies, including DOJ, SEC, FCC, FTC, NHTSA, FDA, and Congress.

Bellwether can advise your company on steps to resolve disputes without litigation, through mediation and/or settlement—and if necessary, file suit or defend you against actions brought by another party.

General Civil Litigation & Appellate Practice

With broad experience handling a variety of litigation matters, Bellwether assists clients with litigation beyond the business and commercial arena. In main part, this because I recognize a duty to leverage my experience in prosecuting matters necessary to expose issues of public interest.

This includes cases involving civil rights, which often require complicated legal analysis to determine when, how, and to what extent civil rights have been violated. This also includes matters involving protections to safeguard individuals that have been exposed to dangerous and defective products. 

​In vetting and prosecuting such matters, diligence and knowledgeable legal counsel is paramount, and Bellwether is committed to evaluating the law, understanding the full story, and taking necessary legal steps to protect both citizens against unlawful governmental actions, and individuals against institutional or company bad actions.

And in both business/regulatory matters, as well as civil matters, Bellwether brings strong briefing experience in handling appeals both in state and federal courts – in short: Bellwether remains your partner and counsel from start to finish.​

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