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Intellectual Property


Throughout the years I've interfaced closely with science, engineering, technical, and R&D teams. The draws of fields like IP and Technology Law are the unique challenges of  tackling complex technical data and functional details as a key component of the legal problem-solving process. 


Whether it’s innovation, creativity, or artistic endeavors—necessary protections and maintenance foster the incentives for individuals and companies to continue investing in and pursuing these advancements.

Bellwether’s integrated approach to counseling, transactions, regulatory, and litigation provides a reinforcing and powerful strategy.


Bellwether Law provides practical and informed guidance on: creating and protecting intellectual property rights; and effective and strategic use of intellectual property contracts, assignments and licenses.

This includes: technology-specific development, licensing, commercialization, regulatory, and other strategies (under Bellwether’s Technology Counsel services).

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IP - Transactional.png

More generally regarding the IP assets, Bellwether can advise on protection strategies and internal policies, such as:

  • addressing new rules and regulations governing the protection;

  • developing protection-oriented governance procedures and policy; and

  • developing audit procedures and/or conducting due diligence.  

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