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Real Estate & Construction


​Bellwether Law provides counsel, advice, and representation on real estate and construction transactions. This means either side of such transactions, and at the various stages.  Examples, by way of reference, include representation and advice in the following contexts: 

  • Buyers or sellers of commercial and industrial property in sales and acquisitions

  • Landlords or tenants in commercial and industrial leasing

  • Real property investments, including private development investments

  • Development & Planning, including:

    • Zoning, environmental and land-use matters

    • Real estate finance, including commercial real property finance and private capital raises

  • ​Disputes: contract, covenants/restrictions, HOA, boundary, title, environmental, land use, Construction defects, insurance and indemnification claims, mechanic's and other liens, among other real estate / construction law matters

  • Review of real estate and construction contracts, due diligence, and closing

  • Developers, construction companies and subcontractors on contracts and related issues.

And, consistent with its coverage over other practice areas and issues, as counsel on these real estate and construction matters Bellwether brings the added benefits of broader experience on transactions/contracts, regulatory topics, compliance, litigation, and other general business matters.


This means not only advantages in transactional planning and negotiations - but also, Bellwether is always available and equipped to extend counsel as needed to employment law issues, related contractual negotiations, among various other issues. 

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