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Outside General Counsel


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Key among the advantages Bellwether Law brings as counsel is experience applying a quick-study mentality to analyze and deconstruct legal nuances—from the arcane to the uncharted, confidently owning the related business/technical research. 

Having done so working with business teams in various off the world's biggest companies, as packaged in Bellwether, the experience and approach to problem solving differentiates Bellwether's services from other firms. 


Bellwether's Outside General Counsel Service is designed to change the way companies view the role of business counsel. 

The Outside General Counsel Service distinguishes further what Bellwether can deliver: providing an adaptable and cost-effective Hybrid of traditional Inside/Outside Counsel. 

Based on the cost and service benefits, Bellwether's outside general counsel service is tailored for companies with periodically recurring issues or periods of foreseeable legal issues.  These benefits are why Bellwether offers a variation of this service specifically tailored for start-ups and emerging companies.                    


FIRST, there are the customary benefits companies can expect from in-house legal advisors—the advantages of advice informed by insider knowledge. The centralized handling of issues means an enhanced understanding of the business.  As outside general counsel, Bellwether is positioned to advise by a increasingly combining insights from a broader legal experience with those company-specific insights as to specific and general risks and objectives.

SECOND, and building on the customary benefits, Bellwether’s outside general counsel services afford companies the counsel advantages of its full practice scope.


Bellwether delivers what is more aptly described as a "hybrid" of in-house & outside counsel.  

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Bellwether’s Outside General Counsel Services cover:

  • The day-to-day legal issues of traditional in-house AND

  • The range of issues typically outsourced, with on-call availability of firm-level resources for effective research.

The upshot is coverage on issues, which even traditional in-house counsel outsource—such as transactional drafting, compliance policy work, strategic communications, and certain roles overseeing litigation.


Fixed Fee / Flat Fee Structure—costs are not tied to the amount of time spent: Calls, emails, one-off research, etc.—all of which incrementally rack up significant costs—are rolled into the agreed-upon fee.


The arrangement eliminates the costs and overhead of hiring an actual in-house—costs typically impractical for smaller and some medium-sized companies. 

Through these fee structure efficiencies, Bellwether's Outside General Counsel Service will be often more cost-effective than traditional matter-by-matter engagements with the typical firm.  Beyond the fees structure, centralizing legal work in Bellwether also eliminates time and costs of managing the different firms or attorneys handling matters separately.  


Bellwether Outside General Counsel:

Cost Advantages, Enhanced Counsel, Enhanced Product

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