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Regulatory Compliance


Compliance Counsel evaluates the suitability of a company’s internal processes and policies in keeping the business in conformance with applicable legal & regulatory requirements.


  • Variable and Broad Scopes 

  • Potentially Significant Penalties

  • Avoidable with Right Strategies

Common and familiar regulatory issues, impacting the large majority of companies, are:


 Management & Governance

Due Diligence &

Internal Controls

Entity-Related Recurring Obligations: Requirements on registration, tax, license, financial reporting.

Employment and Workplace: Requirements on recruiting, hiring, performance appraisal, compensation, health and safety, and labor relations. (See Bellwether’s Labor & Employment page).

But compliance obligations arise in various and numerous industry- and business-specific areas.

Ultimately, effective analysis means viewing a client’s business against: (1) regulatory frameworks and potential subjects of regulatory enforcement; (2) possible litigation triggers; and (3) possible infringements of applicable public policy and/or industry standards.

Bellwether Law is specifically and uniquely equipped as compliance counsel to help your company keep on its toes and vigilant:

  • matter-by-matter (running diagnostics, reviewing / updating internal policies, or addressing one-off business issues); OR

  • as outside general counsel (on-call to field questions as potential issues arise).    



Various state and federal laws are potentially applicable either to regular operations or to periodic events, like advertising campaigns, business ventures, or strategic partnerships.

This is where minor or subtle events can be the source of compliance failings: a change in operations, a new business campaign, unseen gaps in governance, lapses turning into broader issues with contracts or industry standards — also, laws and regulatory frameworks continue to change

Reg & PP.jpg

These are numerous different sources of requirements across agencies.  Certain business-specific and / or product- / service-specific regulatory issues are addressed in appropriate detail under Bellwether's other Practice Areas, such as:​

  • data & privacy 

  • intellectual property 

  • securities regulations 

  • employment regulations

  • formation & entity governance

  • among others      

Regardless of the scope, there are similarities to approaching the various agency frameworks, and Bellwether brings the experience to address any issues across these areas.  This applies to: 

  • General Business Issues, such as Advertising & Marketing, Land Use, Import / Export, Antitrust, and similar; or

  • Industry-Specific Issues, such as involving Telecommunications, Consumer Products, Pharmaceuticals, AI, etc.        

Whatever the agency or industry, Bellwether's brings insight and experience navigating different frameworks, and the know-how to parse and troubleshoot. 

Experience across regulatory regimes includes: from automotive to commodities trading, from pharmaceuticals to body armor, and direct work involving major agencies (e.g., FCC, FDA, SEC, and FTC).

Understanding the sources of various compliance obligations drives the strategic analysis.  And Bellwether can work with your company on developing Governance Strategies, Controls, and Systems are the goals—getting there first requires that a company understanding the issues that it may encounter. 










Clients can expect from Bellwether, analysis drawing on tested approaches to issue-spotting in litigation, as well as insights from significant work dealing with industry standards and public policy issues, including a number of white papers prepared for clients.

Bellwether can be a valuable resource in helping you create practical strategies and solutions to safeguard your business, assets, and reputations, so your company can focus on pursuing its business objectives with confidence.

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